Accessori per abbigliamento e sartoria alta moda uomo donna

Since 1962, this private undertaking, whose seat is Florence, has been specializing in the field of linings made of Bemberg Cupro® and it has become famous thanks to the countless selection of all the kinds of Bemberg and of all the colours, which a human eye can distinguish.

Since the very beginning of its business, it has become an exclusive reference point for the best tailor's workshops, Haute Couture shops, griffes and prét à porter, which rely on it for the realization and the production of their sample collections, both in Italy and abroad.

Up to now, it is in the van and glad to work for a refined clientele, in order to offer, day by day, new and fashionable articles.

The MARIK undertaking has always prepared articles at its disposal and can satisfy all the kinds of demands, from a short length to a bigger one; moreover, it has its own italian dyeworker's and weaving in order to satisfy the particular and personal demands of the client, from even tint to the dyed thread's jaquard colours.

Moreover, the undertaking has at its disposal all those complementary accessories, like for example internal parts and exclusive materials, which are necessary to finish the production of clothes.

Thanks to the good qualification it has achieved in all these years of business, the MARIK undertaking has always distinguished itself for the high quality of its articles and has, therefore, a big clientele of high rank both in Italy and abroad (tailor and cutting's schools in Danemark, Sweden, France, Spain, Belgium and Germany in Europe) in Australia and in the market of South America.

Famous tailor's workshops, both for men and women, use our products in order to realize first-quality and unique articles. Famous Ateliers, griffes and Haute Couture shops know the MARIK undertaking thanks to its big selection of colours, its big choice of accessories, like stiffening cloth and linings, and its continuous research in the textile field.

The undertaking, which cooperates with the best dyeworker's shops and weavings, is charachterized by a very careful selling, both wholesale and by retail, and assists the client in the choose of the colour, in the combining of materials and in the choose of the best material for a perfect realization of clothes.

After 40 years of experience in this field, the MARIK undertaking is now in the van as far as the client's assistance is concerned and it is an important reference point, thanks to its professional nature and its attention for details.

Fodere marik è un negozio storico di Firenze
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Further information how to get Marik in Florence and opening time.

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Via della Spada, 35r

Ph. +39 (0) 55 283254

Opening time
from 01/09 to 30/06
9,30 - 12,30
15,00 - 19,00
Monday morning

from 01/07 to 01/09
9,00 - 12,30
15,30 - 19,00
Saturday afternoon