Bemberg linings

In 1962 in Firenze Maria Luisa Conti and Riccardo Nistri created the mark “MARIK” and opened a little shop in via dello Studio near by the Duomo specialized in retail selling of lining and accessories for women atelier and tailor’s.
From the beginnig the shop had a big number of first-rate goods and first of all the Bemberg Cupro’s lining, an innovative fibre for that time, that has natural origin, antistatic and antiallergic property, in those years the Bemberg’s advertising was made by the famous illustrator Renč Gruau and in the sixties in the Bemberg’s advertising there was always written: “it born from the cotton but it shines like the silk”.
It’s with this product that the mark Marik became famous among the tailor’s, high fashion ateliers and designers, in the beginning in Firenze and surroundings later all over the world.

In 1966 after the flood the shop moved to Via dei Pecori, another way in the old town centre, in this new shop too they went on with the tradition and they also sold particular stuff like the Bemberg’s Cupro that look like washed silk but it was cotton, particular and sole quilted material, valuable and exclusive linen and wool.

In November 2000 the shop moved to Via della Spada, close to the famous via De’ Tornabuoni, where Andrea, the current owner, ex subordinate since 1970, keep on and consolidate the promoter’s tradition.

The firm Marik is still searching for new textile tecnologies, it is in the vanguard proposing new Bemberg’s coloured yarn like the exclusives Jacquard and all the accessories for interior to follow the new fashion.

Partnership with the best dyeing and weaving the company MARIK currently offers for sale a very accurate both retail and wholesale level, following the score in the stages of research as color matching of tissues and in the choice of accessories for a perfect realization Women's clothes and men. Recently, the municipality of Florence has included the company among Negozi Storici Fiorentini recognition to the seriousness and high specialisation in the sector for many years and recently published book "Fashion in Florence between Art and Artisans", the company MARIK is present with other prestigious companies Florentine crafts.
MARIK today is the company boasts an extensive clientele of high-ranking both in Italy and abroad as women's workshops, boutiques, tailors and men's fashion academies and cut in Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Japan and South America.


Fodere marik č un negozio storico di Firenze
Further information how to get Marik in Florence and opening time.

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Via della Spada, 35r

Ph. +39 (0) 55 283254

Opening time
from 01/09 to 30/06
9,30 - 12,30
15,00 - 19,00
Monday morning

from 01/07 to 01/09
9,00 - 12,30
15,30 - 19,00
Saturday afternoon