Accessori per abbigliamento e sartoria alta moda uomo donna

The shop, located in the historical centre of Florence, very near to via Tornabuoni, has the whole gamut of the articles at its disposal, which are sold there by retail; it is possible to buy there linings ( there is a huge selection of colours and different qualities of Bemberg Cupro® ) both for women and men tailoring, linen goods or stiffenings, to realize models or articles of clothing.

In the store there is an exclusive selection of even dyed or coloured materials, bought at regular intervals from selected Italian producers, who pay always attention to the last news in the field of Italian fashion.

During winter, it is possible to buy wool of particular workmanship and double waterproof quilts, which are lined and made of materials like Trilobato, which shelters from the wind. During summer, you will find there linen, in different patterns, silk and Cupro®, which is washed with some patterns made of pure cotton.

Nowdays, the Marik activity is well known and, since 1962, when Maria Luisa Conti and Riccardo Nistri founded the undertaking, it has been acquiring a large clientele all over the world.

Today, under Andrea's careful and expert guidance, together with collaborators for the relationship with foreign countries, the shop is able to propose unique articles in this field, where stylists, cutting's schools, tailorings and even normal people can draw inspiration for their creativity.

With the passing of time, this shop has become more and more famous and reliable, thanks to the high quality of its products.

Fodere marik è un negozio storico di Firenze
Further information how to get Marik in Florence and opening time.

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Via della Spada, 35r

Ph. +39 (0) 55 283254

Opening time
from 01/09 to 30/06
9,30 - 12,30
15,00 - 19,00
Monday morning

from 01/07 to 01/09
9,00 - 12,30
15,30 - 19,00
Saturday afternoon