Fabrics and materials Italian fashion

The shop seeks, in a very selective way, for unique materials, made of different fibres, and the last news from the world of fashion arrive there very often.

Among the great selection of materials, well known by the clientele, there is Cupro, famous for its qualities of freshness and practicality, Silk coloured with different patterns according to the linings in both winter and summer collections, Satin coloured with monochrome patterns, dyed thread Linen, both coloured and even tinted, available in different weight, which is already washed and ready to be used in order to realize coats, tailleurs, dresses, skirts and trousers.

This is the reason why the MARIK undertaking has become famous and exclusive also in this field. As far as the Winter Collection is concerned, it is possible to find pure wool materials of particular workmanship with dyed thread or stamped patterns, in different colours, which can be combined with the huge chromatic gamut of Bemberg's linings. Also the quilts, both for the inside and the outside, are considered exclusive materials; those for the inside are really soft and thin and are therefore right for the lining of winter clothes' sleeves; those for the outside are already sewn and lined, with waterproof materials resistant to the wind. They are comfortable and loose-fitting, thanks to their lightness and softness. It is quick to realize them and it is possible to find them in different colours, even tinted, or with very particular quiltings (squares, lines, etc.).

Fodere marik è un negozio storico di Firenze
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Fall - Winter

  • Tweed pura lana
  • Donegal pura lana
  • Bouclè pura lana
  • Lana Casentino originale
  • Fodera Lana Casentino
  • Seta impermeabile
  • Trapuntato in cotone
  • Tessuti lamè oro e argento
  • Lana cotta originale
  • Lana cotta esclusiva
  • Seta stampata
  • Piquet in cotone
  • Teflon impermeabile
  • Gore-tex impermeabile
  • Crepe Satin seta pura
  • Crepe Chine seta pura
  • Taffettas seta pura

Spring - Summer

  • Lino delavè tinto in filo
  • Lino fantasia stampato
  • Cotone Canvas
  • Lini e sete per camiceria
  • Cupro
  • Piquet cotone
  • Mussola di cotone
  • Cotone stampato
  • Lino e seta camiceria
  • Lino Jacquard
made for men's tailoring
made for women's tailoring