Accessories for menswear womenswear tailoring

Accessories for menswear and tailoring .

Thanks to the experience achieved in all the years in which it has been working in the field of tailoring for men, the Marik undertaking is now in the van in the proposal of articles for the inside and accessories of higher and higher quality, like the use of camel's hair and linen; some of these materials are subjected to particular treatments before they are put up for sale, some others are not only manually decatized, but they also get dry in the sun, so that they do not shrink after the first wash.

We have accessories for the inside of very high quality, like:

Light or heavy horsehair – askance linen, upright linen and also adhesive linen – plush-covered adhesives – knit adhesives – hemp – tarlatan – stiffening for sleeves or trouser-hooking – pure-wool waddings – silk dinner-jacket lapels in black, white, simple blue or “canetè” – pure silk trouser-stripe – felt – cotton stiffenings – ermesine ( silk material of great value) – cotton satin – woollen linings for the material “casentino” – original “casentino” wool – cotton sateen – striped cotton material for waistcoats – adhesive camel's hair – plush-covered cottons for pockets.

Accessories for womenswear and tailoring .

This particular field require a particular attention for details and a great care in the choose of news and qualities, in order to satisfy the tailoring and to realize perfect clothes, even in details.

When the dress has been realized, internal parts of high quality make the difference and the right linings made of the right material are required by specialized tailoress, in order to reach very beautiful effects, much higher than the standard realization of clothes.

We have accessories and linings for womenstailoring of Haute Couture, like japon linings made of silk or Cupro- fine velvet- taffettas Bemberg satin or made of silk-satin of viscose, Cupro, feathers of different weights – quilted linings.

Accessories and materials for wedding-dresses .

Exclusive internal parts like silk tundra – triplex tundra – silk and viscose tundra – tulloni – nylon meshes – bride-coloroued taffettas or coloured with changing tones – Bemberg, silk or mixed silk organdie – cotton undeformables in different weights and even adhesive – adhesive cottons, from the thiner ones for silk materials to the thicker ones, to stiffen or to line – fliseline – adhesive polyester knitwears.

Shoulder-paddings .

We have a great selection of handicraft shoulder-paddings made of different materials, lined or unlined, from those made of pressed wadding, which are really thine, to those made of larger soft materials.

All our shoulder-paddings are handicraft and can be modified according to the changing fashion requests, with new models, anatomic and original in the shape, which fit more and more your shoulders.

Lined models are available in different colours and in different shapes and it is possibile to order a personal model, lining it in the colour the client prefers.

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More information about our accessories.
  • Tele adesive
  • Tela adesiva felpata
  • Tela adesiva a velo
  • Rete nylon
  • Rigatino cotone gilet
  • Peli di cammello
  • Lini da interni
  • Tele di cotone
  • Organze
  • Tundre
  • Tele da rinforzo
  • Fliseline
  • Tulle
  • Tulloni sposa
  • Ovattine in lana
  • Cotoni indeformabili camiceria
  • Satin di cotone
  • Cotoni felpati
  • Mussole di cotone
  • Crini
  • Lini da colli
  • Canape
  • Revere in seta smoking
  • Bande in seta smoking
  • Tele da modelli
  • Bissi in cotone
  • Spalline foderate colorate
  • Spalline sfoderate in ovatta
  • Rollini giromaniche
  • Sottocolli
  • Rigatino cotone uomo
  • Tundra misto seta
    anche colorata
  • Tundra seta pura
  • Tundra seta pura tripla anche colorata
  • Panamino cotone
  • Cambrì cotone
  • Organza Bemberg
  • Organza seta pura
  • Organdis poliestere
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