Bemberg, Cupro Linings jacquard, and yarn dyed

Our linings are made of Bemberg Cupro®, which is a natural fibre (the raw material it is made of is cotton) and which is very used in the field of tailoring and clothing in general, thanks to its silken, transpiring and thermoregulatoring qualities.

Moreover, the Bemberg Cupro® lining is anti-allergic, antistatic and resistant to the higher temperatures of stretching.
This unique material regulates the corporeal humidity according to the external one, and causes therefore a comfortable sensation of freshness and cleaness.

The Bemberg Cupro® lining is easy to wear, thanks to its softness and its consistence, which is similar to the one of silk.

This is the slogan of a famous spot of the 60s, realized by the great designer Renè Grau: “It comes from cotton, it shines like silk”; this is the reason why the best names of the world clothing and fashion industry use Bemberg Cupro®.

A mutual quality guaranty: when an article is made of materials of great value and is charachterized by a perfect style, it always means that the lining is a Bemberg one, and, vice versa, a Bemberg lining is a guaranty of high quality and reliability.

The gamut of colours is really huge (about 200 colours for each kind), there is a huge range of patterns and manufactures which make it possibile to make different choices, an uncommon refinement enables to reach the valuable silky opalescence.
All colours are for prompt delivery.

Fodere Bemberg Jacquard tinto filo

The undertaking offers a huge selection of linings in different patterns. What charachterizes the product and makes it unique is the yarn dyed weaving.

The Bemberg Cupro's Jacquard is a very precious material, thanks to its changing quality and its unique brightness, and it doesn't have a back side. Both sides can be used, offering therefore two different changing shades.

Jacquard linings are strictly yarn dyed and changing, create shining-opalescent effects and are made of Bemberg Cupro; similar to silk, there are exclusive or personalized patterns characterized by unique colour reflections, which can be combined with all the chromatic gamuts of materials.

There is a huge selection of “striped”, which are suitable to line the sleeves of men's coats, dyed thread tartan “madras”, coloured “barrè”, which are suitable for overcoats or jackets, both for men and women, to make the clothing an exclusive one.

There are different patterns, from tie's fancy to cashmere “a ramage” in different sizes, the “Cardo” fancy, which is one of the most popular, thanks to its particular brightness, and “barrè” striped, which makes overcoats and jackets, both for men and women, exclusive.

Dyed thread exalts Bemberg's qualities, in Jaquard particularly it gives a silky and soft characteristic to the material and makes it therefore really easy to wear.

Fodere marik è un negozio storico di Firenze

Linings 2010 - 2011

  • Piuma impermeabile in Teflon traspirante
  • Piuma Taffettas leggero
  • Piuma stretch
  • Saglia stretch
  • Japon misto seta
  • Taffetas Seta
  • Crepe Chine Seta
  • Crepe Satin Seta
  • Impermeabile GoreTex
  • Fodere antivento

Linings in our store
Cupro Bemberg 100%

  • Piuma yarn died
  • Surah yarn died
  • Ermesine yarn died
  • Jacquard yarn died
  • Rigati "Barrè" yarn died
  • Saglia Diagonale yarn died
  • Satin Chine yarn died
  • Ponginette
  • Ponginette silk - Cupro
  • Japonette
  • Saglietta yarn died
  • Vellutina yarn died
  • Saglia yarn died
  • Saglione yarn died
  • Taffettas yarn died
  • Taffettas silk and Cupro
  • Taffettas poliestere
  • Satin yarn died
  • Raso
  • Satin Chine silk - Cupro
  • Scozzesi Cupro - cotton

More linigns

  • Piuma Bemberg and acetate
  • Piuma "voilè" silk and Bemberg
  • Pongè silk and Bemberg
  • Raso acetate - viscose
  • Raso poliestere
  • Wool linings for Casentino
  • Cotton linings waterproof
  • Stretch linings
  • Stretch linings sport
  • Quilty linings
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